About Us

The Churches of Christ strive to be simply Christians, followers of Jesus, no more and no less.  We want to be Christians as described in the Scriptures.  We do not want any human traditions or denomination determining what we teach and practice; instead we are committed to following only what was taught us through the Bible.  We are not a denomination and have no interest in being one.  We want to be simply Christians.


Brief History:

The church of Christ in Champions, formerly known as Tomball Road church of Christ, met for the first time on September 7, 1941.  A desire to have a congregation in this community led several families that were attending the Yale St. Gardens church (249 church now) to meet in the home of W. A. (Al) and Beulah Jackson, located on Perry Road.  Times were difficult as WWII began just 4 months later and at least 9 sons were called into active duty.   There was no electricity in this rural community at the time; gas rationing and tire shortages made it difficult to travel to services and there wasn’t a full time preacher most of the time.  But for all the difficulties there were many good memories that children of the founding families can still recall, such as Bible classes in cars, singings every 3rd Sunday, baseball games, Dinner on the Grounds, Tent and Brush Arbor Meetings, and baptisms at Cypress Creek.

By 1942 a one-acre tract with a four- room house on the corner of FM 149 (249 now) and Grant Rd. was purchased in the amount of $1750. This served as the meeting place until May 1953 when the first church building was erected at a cost of $8409. Shortly after the last payment was made in 1958, additional classrooms were added. Homer Waits and his son H.W. did the majority of the construction.   When the building was sold years later it was moved many times for different owners and over a period of thirty years moved back near the original spot on Grant Rd.  Today it serves as a restaurant.

In 1967 another building was erected at the same location and included a 230- seat auditorium and classrooms.  In 1969 Bobby G. Deason was hired as the first full time minister.  The church continued to grow and in 1972 a ten-acre tract of land was purchased from Lola Jackson for $15,000.  At a later date, the ten acres was exchanged for 5.7 acres at our present location.  During this time a charter was presented to the congregation and passed, to change the name from Tomball Road church of Christ to the church of Christ in Champions.  In April, 1977 a bond issue of $390,000 was made to finance the first building at this location as well as the preacher’s house.  From 1977 to 1985 the church enjoyed continued growth and on October 3, 1984, Champions celebrated her 43rd Homecoming with an attendance of 445.

No one would have guessed that just 6 months later, the building would burn to the ground.  On the morning of March 6, 1985, a 15 year old teenager broke into the building at 3:30 a.m. setting fire to it and Banff School down the street. While the building was under construction, the church met at Hancock Elementary School for all services.   The community watched with great interest as the church and school buildings were rebuilt.  With insurance proceeds of $500,000, donated materials and many, many hours of donated labor, the building was rebuilt and enlarged to the present facility.  On April 1, 1992, with the continued blessing of our Lord, the debt on the building was retired.

As a letter from the elders written for the 55th Homecoming states so well…” When established, the church served a rural community where the members had deep roots and raised their families.  Today, the church is a suburban area where society forces many to be transient.  However, through these years and changes, the one constant factor has been and will be our common love of the Lord that binds us together as his people.  No matter how time and distance may separate us, the love and friendships we develop at Champions will survive….Let’s rededicate ourselves and prepare for the joys and struggles of the future.  When the Lord comes again to call us to our heavenly home, wherever we may be, may he find us working in his service.