Al Allee
Fellowship Meals, Men’s Activities

Chris Ball
Camp Kitchaca, College Age, Dinner Groups

Kevin Barnett
Financial & Accounting (Deposits and Reporting), Family Circle
Groups, Dinner Groups, Divorce Care/Counseling

Bill Bonham
Building Maintenance

Charles Boyd
Financial and Accounting

Eltonio (Tony) Brown
Evangelism Follow-up, Athletic Program

Darrell Fariss
Benevolence, Financial Aid, Disaster Relief

Jay Fraley
Youth (Senior High), Children’s Homes

Tommy Hill
Youth – Family, Technology Administration (Network, Telephones, Internet), Prison Ministry (assist)

Joe Jackson
Brookdale Place Services, Empty Nesters, Baptistry Maintenance

Charles Joachim
Grounds, Planning (Grounds), Building Maintenance (Assist)

Brent Killough
Family Outreach, Mother’s Day Out, Church Retreat

Blake Phillips
Helping Hands, Special Services, Women’s Activities, New Member Involvement

Kent Phillips
Attendance, Foreign Missions, Greeter Program, Tracts

Bryan Runions
College Age, Church Pictorial Directory, Domestic Missions

Justin Sammons
Young Families, Worship Assistance, LTC (Bible Bowl), Athletic Programs, Advertising/Communications

Hank Sheppard
Transportation, Security, Lockup

Joel Smith
Audio / Visual, Computer Maintenance 

Wes Smith
LTC, Man-up Program, Impact Meals, Prison Ministry

Paul Tews
Financial Accounting, Auditors

Troy Thompson
Foreign Missions, World Bible School, Library, EEM

Billy Tippit
Building Program, Planning (Building Program)

James Wyatt
Youth – Junior High, Deaf Missions / Signing, Web Site, Electric Sign, LTC (Bible Bowl)