Foreign Missions:

We support many foreign mission efforts in many places in the world.  In fact, a large part of our budget is spent on foreign missions.  We believe in supporting the planting of churches and efforts to spread the Gospel around the world.  The foreign missions that we support include:

    • Truth for Today World Mission School — a mission organization that publishes Bible materials to spread the gospel all over to the world
    • Roman Halamicek — missionary in Bratislava, Slovakia
    • Peter Chin — Dean of a preacher training school in Singapore
    • Eric Tan — Missionary in Singapore and China
    • Roland Moshen — Evangelist in Paris, France
    • Biblical Institute of Central America — preacher training school
    • World Bible School — correspondence gospel courses
    • Eastern European Missions — provides Bibles to Eastern Europe


Domestic Missions:

    • Dale DuVerney — Rogers City Church of Christ in Rogers City, Michigan
    • Will Hanstein — Instructor at Bear Valley School of Preaching, Denver, CO
    • Impact Church of Christ — an inner-city church in Houston.  We support their work by providing a meal once a year and helping with various projects.