Champions strives to serve one another and to serve our community.  Here are some areas that we are active in serving:

  • Helping Hands– Our Helping Hands Ministry strives to provide help for our members with projects that they may not be able to do on their own.  We need your help to be ready to go and help members that may have needs.   
  • Food Assistance– This is a service that is offered to all members who have experienced illness, death of a family member, hospitalization, or child birth.   
  • GriefShare– is a support class designated to help members and guests deal with grief associated with loss. 
  • Benevolence Ministry— Our Benevolence program helps our members when financial times get tough.  This ministry is primarily concerned with helping our own members but we do help others who are in need as well.  We believe that it is important to meet the physical needs of those in our church and community as we seek guidance from the Lord.
  • Children’s Homes— We help Medina, Sunny Glen and Boles Children’s Homes.  We have done programs such as providing backpacks for school, coin banks, and Christmas gifts for the children. 
  • Emergency Response—  This ministry encompasses the planned response to emergencies such as natural disasters that would involve our building and members.